Professor Mohenou Isidore Jean Marie Diomande, MD, FWACP

Mohenou Isidore Jean Marie Diomande

Professor of Anatomic Pathology; Faculty of Medicine of Abidjan, Ivory Coast; Vice President of the IAP for Africa.

Dr. Mohenou Diomande graduated from Abidjan University Faculty of Medicine in 1986, became Professor of Anatomic Pathology (CAMES) in 1992 and Full Professor of Anatomic Pathology (CAMES) in 1999. From 2012 to 2014, he was Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Nice. His research fields of interest have been HIV infection and related diseases, H. Pylori infection in gastric pathology and cancers.

Dr. Diomande has been the Vice President of the African International Academy of Pathology since 2008 after serving as the French Speaking Africa Division of the International Academy of Pathology President, 1999-2007. He is a Fellow, West African College of Physicians; Member of the “advisory committee of Sub-Saharan Africa Medical Schools Study “ with George Washington University and the University of Pretoria and Editor in Chief of the “Revue Africaine de Pathologie”, a CAMES-recognized journal of anatomic pathologists. His administrative duties include: Dean of the Education and Research Unit for Medical Sciences of Abidjan (2004-2010); President of the International Conference of Francophone Deans and Faculties of Medicine, CIDMEF (2007-2009); President of the African Conference of Francophone Deans and Faculties of Medicine, CADMEF (2006-2007); and Head of Service, Anatomic Pathology, University Teaching Hospital of Cocody, Abidjan since 1996.    

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