Louis Ngendahayo, MD, MMEd

Louis Ngendahayo

Associate Professor, University of Burundi;Member of East African Division of IAP; VP for East Africa, AORTIC

Dr. Louis Ngendahayo graduated from the University of Burundi in 1983 and completed the training in Anatomic Pathology in Paris, France in 1990. He held also a master’s degree in Histology-Embryology. His main research and clinical interest has been in gynaecologic and gastrointestinal pathology. He has over 15 publications.

In addition to his clinical and academic career, he has had several major leadership positions in management of the faculty of medicine of the University of Burundi, Bujumbura and at the National University of Rwanda, Butare.

Since 1998 up to 2012, he has been increasingly involved in the development of Pathology laboratory in the University Teaching Hospital of Butare in south province of Rwanda. He has also been closely involved in the creation and development of the Kigali Cancer Registry in Rwanda.

Since June 2012, he is teaching undergraduate histology and anatomic pathology courses at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Burundi. He is also conducting clinical work in the Service of Anatomic Pathology in the Department of Laboratory at the University Teaching Hospital (CHU Kamenge), Bujumbura, Burundi. 

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